Indications Hook Splint

Indications Hook Splint /  RMO with relative Extension include:

Extensor tendon/sagittal band injury or repair.
PIP extension contracture — 2º swan neck deformities or trauma.
Trigger finger non-operative.

Indications for the RMO with relative Flexion include:

PIP flexion contracture
Extensor lag — 2º Trauma, scar tissue/adhesions, fracture shortening, boutonniere deformities, flexor tendon repair
Dupuytren’s disease (s/p fasciectomy, needle or enzyme tx)
Post-trigger finger release.

RMO for the PIP Contracture and Boutonnière Deformity

Radial Tunnel Syndrome and the RMO

RMO post Flexor Tendon Repair