TFCC injury? Read more for the best solution!

Pain in your wrist on the side of your little finger? This is often because of a TFCC injury. Don’t keep walking around with those annoying wrist symptoms!

Tfcc injury wrist pain playing tennis

Has a TFCC injury been identified?

TFCC symptoms can occur both gradually (wear and tear, overuse) and acutely (trauma).


Do the Weight Bearing Test

Check first a fracture has been ruled out!
Record the results.


Buy a WristWidget (& do the Weight Bearing test)

You need the outcome for the treatment plan. Write these down!


Follow the proven treatment protocol

Heal from a TFCC tear without surgery

TFCC injury problems? Or looking for the perfect Relative Motion Orthese?

WristWidget TFCC band

 27,01 incl. tax. Price excl. tax =  24,78

WristWidget Multipacks

 219,24 1.026,00

Hook Splint – Multipacks

 152,60 239,80
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