How to use the Hook Splint?

How to use : well, that's easy! The Hook Splint comes ready to use right out of the package. It is moulded directly to the patient, no need for hot water baths, heat guns or velcro. The tabs on each end are placed through the perforations to secure the splint. The area of overlap is called a rigid zone, and it is there to provide extra stability.

By popular request, Dr. Harrison Solomon gives shows on how to fasten the tabs on the Hook Splint RMO.
(Note that this can also be done with your fingers.. doesn’t need to be done with a needle driver.)

How to size the Hook Splint?

How to fasten the tabs?

Where to apply the Rigid Zone?

Border Digits

Controlling the amount of relative flexion or extension

Expanding the use of the RMO

Level of Rigidity

What is a Yoke?