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WristWidget: the best solution for TFCC tears

What’s TFCC, how do you test if it’s TFCC and how to heal without surgery.

What is the TFCC?

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) is a combination of connective tissues, which connects the radius, ulna, and little finger in a triangular shape. More popularly known as the wrist meniscus.
It functions to keep the bones of the wrist in a compact form. The soft fibro-ligament tissue provides cushion and support to the carpal bones and helps to stabilize the arm.


For medical professionals:

Therapist and physician Information on treatment and repair of TFCC tears, research articles, differential diagnosis, contact with Wendy Medeiros (the inventor of the WristWidget, specialized in TFCC injuries and very interested in “the specials”): go to see wristwidget.com.

How do you know it’s the TFCC?

Symptoms of the TFCC injury include pain at the circumference of the wrist, especially on weight-bearing. Loss of grip and clicking sounds from the wrist can also be due to TFCC injury.
The most accurate way to determine TFCC damage actually is called the Weight Bearing Test. The weight bearing test is a measure of how much weight you are able to pass through your wrist and hand.

Weight Bearing Test can be used to diagnose the triangular fibrocartilage complex tear because TFCC is the only condition that affects the weight-bearing tolerance of the wrist. This test is more reliable to diagnose Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex injury than MRI and radiography and much less expensive.

How to heal TFCC without surgery?

If you did the test and immediately felt less pain, you want it to stay that way. You want to do sport again without pain, work in the garden or do small household chores. You want a solution to these annoying stitches in your wrist. Then we have good news!


A wrist band, the WristWidget TFCC bandage, was specially developed for this injury.

The WristWidget holds the wrist firmly in place so that the TFCC injury can heal in peace. Without irritation of the wrist and without loss of wrist function. The WristWidget is made of nylon and cotton, is waterproof and thanks to the hook and loop fastener closes well around the wrist without exerting pressure on the elbow.

AND: There is a treatment protocol with TFCC wrist exercises and tips that you can use at home. Go for it!

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