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Diagnosed with TFCC?

The TFCC is the main stabilizer of the wrist. It is a ligament connecting bone to bone. It supports the wrist with grip, weight-bearing, and rotation (supination and pronation). It keeps the radius and ulna from painfully spreading apart.

The TFCC is more popularly known as the wrist meniscus; a kind of shock absorber for some of the joints in your wrist. The TFCC can tear with rotational movements (hyper rotation while using a drill), excessive weight bearing, a fall on an outstretched hand, etc.

The most accurate way to determine TFCC damage actually is called the Weight Bearing Test. The weight bearing test is a measure of how much weight you are able to pass through your wrist and hand. The Weight Bearing Test is oftentimes more reliable than an MRI and much, much less expensive.

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