European webshop for the WristWidget® TFCC band & Hook Splint RMO / Yoke Splint • Sent from the Netherlands

Where to buy the WristWidget in Europe

To provide faster and cheaper shipping, WristWidget® works with warehouses and distributors around the world. In this, Mebocare is the GDPR Authorized Representative for Europe. 

Whether you want to order 1 Wrist Widget, a special offer of 2, or a multipack of 100 (or more), we pack and ship it conveniently throughout Europe. If possible with a leaflet in the country's language (now available in Dutch, French, Italian and German) and otherwise with an English language leaflet.

As of 2014 we are working together with WristWidget. In the Netherlands under the company name Handletselshop, internationally under the name Mebocare. Because Handletselshop: that is impossible to pronounce for someone outside the Netherlands....
Mebocare: proud to be the European representative for WristWidget®.

Do you live in Europe? Buy your Wrist widget here!