European webshop for the WristWidget® TFCC band & Hook Splint RMO / Yoke Splint • Sent from the Netherlands

What is the WristWidget®?

The WristWidget is an especially designed brace to cure your painful wrist if you have a TFCC related injury. It was invented by Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (retired), who has been working as an occupational hand therapist since 1993. During his practice as a hand therapist, in 2006, Wendy Medeiros started focusing on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury.

To facilitate her patients suffering from TFCC injuries, Wendy developed the WristWidget TFCC brace using her years of experience and research. Initially, they were sewn by Wendy, however; now Wendy and her family are developing WristWidgets using non-elastic cotton/nylon in their manufacturing unit.

Despite its simple design, it was developed through numerous changes to make it most effective for wrist pain. With time, WristWidget has emerged as an effective non-invasive tool to cure the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) tear.

Mebocare is the official distributor / representative of WristWidget in Europe and supplies the WristWidget's in Europe. So, defeat the TFCC tear with the help of prevention and WristWidget. You can buy your WristWidget here.