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An ultimate Cure for TFCC related wrist pain

The WristWidget is an especially designed brace to cure your painful wrist due to TFCC related tear. It was invented by Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (retired), who has been working as an occupational hand therapist since 1993. During his practice as a hand therapist, in 2006, Wendy Medeiros started focusing on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury.


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€ 25,00

A very effective wristband / brace has been developed to reduce TFCC complaints: the WristWidget® TFCC brace. The WristWidget® keeps the radius bone and ulna firmly in place at the wrist so that the TFCC rests to recover, without irritation to the wrist joint or loss of wrist function. The WristWidget® is made of nylon and cotton is water resistant and closes well around the wrist thanks to the loop and hook closure, without compression on the ulna head.

• Fits both wrists, large and small
• 100% guaranteed

 Can be worn in the water and shower
• Do not put in Washer / Dryer
• Read the enclosed treatment advice
• Available in 4 colors: black, red, tan and blue

  • Patented product

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee 

  • Shipped to all European countries

  • Money-back guarantee

What is the TFCC?

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) is a combination of connective tissues, which connects the radius, ulna, and little finger in a triangular shape. More popularly known as the wrist meniscus. It functions to keep the bones of the wrist in a compact form. The soft fibro-ligament tissue provides cushion and support to the carpal bones and helps to stabilize the arm.

How do you know it's the TFCC?

The most accurate way to determine TFCC damage actually is called the Weight Bearing Test. This test is more reliable to diagnose Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex injury than MRI and radiography and much less expensive.

"In 100% of the cases I have seen, every TFCC tear presented with painful and diminished weight bearing tolerance. They all show changes with the WristWidget® (or tape). This is not the case for tendonitis, fractures, UT tears, and much more.The Weight Bearing test is reliable, affordable, and specific. - Wendy

The Weight Bearing test:

All you need is the non-digital scale (analog scale) and to know the correct method of pressing on the scale. First, you have to press on the scale using your hand up to the edge of pain in the suspected wrist. Then wrap two pieces of non-elastic tape or a WristWidget on the same wrist and check the weight tolerance again. If there is a significant increase in the weight-bearing capacity of the wrist, it indicates the injured TFCC of your wrist. Find a more detailed tutorial for weight bearing test here.

If you have a TFCC injury there should be an immediate increase in weight-bearing ability, and your pain should be greatly relieved

If you are suffering from a painful wrist or diagnosed with a TFCC tear, there is no need for surgical intervention. WristWidget has proven effects to cure the TFCC injury and the best affordable solution. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Despite its simple design, it was developed through numerous changes to make it most effective for wrist pain. With time, WristWidget has emerged as an effective non-invasive tool to cure the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) tear.

WristWidget: An effective non-invasive tool

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Is the WristWidget® One-Size-Fits-All?

For the most part,.. yes! The WristWidget® can be worn on left and right wrists. 
There is a small percentage of the population that has an unusually small wrist. If your wrist is smaller than 10cm, you might find that it will slip. The fit actually has more to do with the depth of your wrist crease than the circumference. If it slips, you can find a solution over here:

How tight should it be? 

It takes about a week to figure out what the tension should be for your injury. It should be snug at night and tight with heavier activities. For instance, if your weight bearing tolerance without the WristWidget® is only 13 kg and you are performing a task which requires 26 kg of force, the WristWidget® needs to be tight. When you are done with the task, you will need to adjust it to a lighter tension. The microadjustment function of the WristWidget® is essential to ensure that you can tolerate it for up to 12 weeks. 

Can I wear it in the water?

Yes! It is made to provide continuous support - even in the water. 

How long does the WristWidget® last?

It is made to last for the entire length of your recovery which can be up to 4 months. It is designed to be used in the water and last a long time. The loop and hook is cut to a length to ensure that it lasts long.

What are WristWidget® made of?

Special cotton for the skin, and nylon loop and hook... That’s it! Free of Latex and harsh adhesive chemicals.

Can I continue athletic activities with the WristWidget®?

In general, if your weight bearing tolerance is over 29kg, you are safe to perform heavier tasks with the WristWidget® without re-injury. Tasks which are risky are: end range rotation with weight and weight bearing: bicep curls with palm up and over 2kg of weight; pull ups with palms facing you; weight lifting over your current weight bearing tolerance etc. 

How do I know that the WristWidget® will help me?

Don’t worry- you will know. Every person who has the TFCC injury puts it on and KNOWS. If you put it on and it hurts- it is not for you. The WristWidget® is only appropriate for those with pain with weight bearing and show an immediate change in weight bearing tolerance with it on.

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The WristWidget® has a 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty. If the WristWidget® is not working for you or supplying relief, please let us know and we’ll assist you promptly with a refund, return, or exchange. No questions asked.

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