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How do you know it's a TFCC injury?

The most accurate way to determine TFCC damage actually is called the Weight Bearing Test. The weight bearing test is a measure of how much weight you are able to pass through your wrist and hand.

Weight Bearing Test can be used to diagnose the triangular fibrocartilage complex tear because TFCC is the only condition that affects the weight-bearing tolerance of the wrist. 

This test is more reliable to diagnose Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex injury than MRI and radiography and much less expensive.

This is not the case for tendonitis, fractures, UT tears, and much more. The Weight-bearing test is reliable, affordable, and specific. - Wendy

The human wrist is capable of pressing 30-60 kg. of weight on each wrist. If your injury is to the TFCC and you’re experiencing ulnar-sided wrist pain, you will notice that your uninjured wrist is normal and your injured wrist hurts when you push down on the scale. The test is not intended to hurt you. It is to measure where you are starting, where you need to go (the uninjured wrist) and the effects of the WristWidget.

All you need is the non-digital scale (analog scale) and to know the correct method of pressing on the scale. Find a more detailed tutorial for weight bearing test here.